Parse Migration

Parse Migration Services

Facebook recently announced the shutdown of Parse to the shock of many.  Companies on Parse have 12 months to transition to an alternative solution and will need to start developing a migration plan immediately. There are migration paths to deploy your own "Parse Server" however this will require engineering expertise and additional ongoing monitoring and maintenance. This will come as a a big change for many companies that have developed mobile apps without an in-house development team to build and maintain a backend.

Today we are announcing Quad Parse Migration Services available immediately.

  • Define a customized migration path without interrupting existing service
  • Migrate to MongoLab (including writing any custom scripts to)
  • Update existing Android, iOS, and hybrid apps for support with custom parse installation
  • Migrate to Heroku with Scaling and Security Strategies
  • Train and transition to an internal team (if needed)
  • Implement continuous monitoring solutions
  • Maintenance contracts available
  • Fixed Bid Pricing

Please contact us today to discuss your needs.