analytical developer

The Analytical vs the Creative Software Developer

There are two types of technologists: the analytical type and the creative type. There are distinct differences between these individuals.

The "Analytical Type" is typically "by the book" and avoids moving to far away from structure. She seeks hierarchical order and likes to fit into a predefined structure. The person is reliable and predictable, and she follows a set pattern that has worked in the past. Often, the person works in larger, more established organizations or service firms. 

The "Creative Type" thrives on innovation. He enjoys new challenges and takes risks on new ideas. The developer can be less disciplined and likes to change things up. Creative developers can work for big companies, but will change jobs more often and seeks out startup environments. 

Analytical types excel at being "Architects" and defining process. The Creative types are much better at product design and UX. 

It's critical that these types find an environment that supports their strengths. Having the wrong type in the wrong role can spell disaster for a team.